What can you eat for lunch with braces?

If you’re used to bringing a brown-bag lunch, whether to school or work, coping with braces brings new challenges. Here are a dozen lunch suggestions that treat teeth tenderly and still pack into a budget-friendly paper bag.

For toss-in-the-bag and go:
– applesauce in tightly sealed container
– slices of canned peaches or pears
– thinly sliced apples, dipped in a little lemon juice to keep them from browning
– banana – you can slice it with the edge of a plastic spoon
– grapes cut in half for easy eating
– hummus to spread with a spoon onto small torn pieces of pocket bread

If you can add an ice-pack, expand your options to include:
– pudding in a cup
– egg salad in cup, with bread on the side
– well-cooked tortellini, any flavor combination
– pot-stickers (Chinese dumplings), cut in a few pieces
– tuna or chicken salad, with bread on the side
– taquito roll-ups, microwaved not baked, and cut into slices

Have a favorite on-the-road braces-friendly snack? Send us a post!

3 responses to “What can you eat for lunch with braces?

  1. Hello! Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a 30 year old woman, and I had my upper braces put on today. I'm having some trouble planning my next grocery run. This text should help me get started!

  2. Thank you for this! My daughter just got top braces on today, and we are having a hard time trying to come up with foods she can pack for her lunch tomorrow. This helps immensely!Crissiwinecountrymom.blogs.santarosamom.com

  3. Wow! I'm so thankful that there are possible menus for someone who just had his braces. I'm having today with my dentist (Saint Petersburg based. I'll tell my mom regarding this recipe. Good thing i love fruits and vegetables. Thanks it's such a big help!

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