Great ortho care "tools" to carry with you

You may remember a series of ads for American Express some years ago – the tagline was always “Don’t leave home without it.” When it comes to life with braces, the same can be said for the heroic miniature spiral brush with its own little cover. You use it to discreetly remove bits of your meal that decided to take up residence between two brackets; the mirror in the lid of your wax box makes it very easy to use anywhere.

One brand of these 2-inch-long brushes is the Butler Proxabrush Trav-ler; they usually come in packages of three and are sold in most drugstores and grocery stores. Or, your orthodontist may give you one in a jewel-tone color that he/she buys in quantity from The Orthodontic Store, a specialty supply company. Either way, this is the most important little tool for you to carry everywhere in a pocket or purse; keep one in a desk-drawer or backpack, too.

For even more ortho “survival” tools, check out the Orthodontic Survival Kit sold online at Its zippered case holds one of these tiny brushes, a small mirror, a bit of threader dental floss, a wax box, a travel-size toothbrush and paste, and even a folding cup. Check out the kit colors and keep one at work or in a locker.


One response to “Great ortho care "tools" to carry with you

  1. Thanks Pam. I’ll have to get one of these for Rachelle as she is constantly picking things out of her braces!

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