How Can You Make Flossing with Braces Easier?

All sorts of improved consumer-ortho products have popped up in recent years and the pace of good inventions continues. To help with task of flossing (so critical!) while you have braces, check out these innovative products:

FlossFish – wrap your own dental floss around this simple, reusable holder-guide that readily slips under the arch-wire. Check out for the demonstration video.

Platypus – individual disposable units that come with a bit of floss and angled cleaning tips; developed by a dental hygienist for her patients. Visit

Sturdyfloss – individual strands of special floss, each with a stiffened tip that you can bend to reach up and under the arch-wire. View at; ask your orthodontist about them.

Superfloss – individual strands of floss with stiffened tips and two different-thickness sections, for cleaning tight or wide spaces. At most grocery stores and pharmacies; see


3 responses to “How Can You Make Flossing with Braces Easier?

  1. Flossfish? I love it! They're adorable!

  2. My two kids wish they had had this available back in the day. Flossing the old fashioned way was very inconvenient.

  3. A friend of mine mentioned that it's difficult to floss her teeth when she had braces. That's why she only used the best dental floss product when flossing her teeth. Her dentist Greer, South Carolina area even taught her on how to effectively floss her teeth. Based on a dentistry Greenville, South Carolina news article, flossing is critical and is often neglected by many, when it comes to dental health care. However, flossing need to be done regularly to ensure optimum health of our gums and teeth. Nice blog, Pamela! Thanks for the post!

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