Braces for Special-Needs Teens – A Story

I just read a blog that made me look at orthodontics and parenting from a point of view I just hadn’t considered. At the blog on, a mom relates the struggle of emotions involved with putting braces on her 13-year-old special-needs son. Wow. I have two friend with special-needs children (now teens) and have shared in just a tiny bit of their daily challenges and delights, but this angle was new to me. How much does appearance count in today’s society, versus what new adjustments will this require? Will the need be understood by the special teen? Will the “tough moments” be tolerated? (I’ve gone through that just with my own three typical teens.)

Happily, after four days in braces, the Hopeful Parent’s son was pretty well adjusted to the feel of the “hardware” and the need/benefits of eating braces-friendly food, but the story sure gave me pause. Let’s hear it for caring parents and one very special orthodontist. Do you know of anyone on either side of a similar situation? Any tips to pass along?


One response to “Braces for Special-Needs Teens – A Story

  1. I must admit, this is something I have never thought about, but raises a number of questions in my mind. I am currently performing research on teen preferences for braces and would welcome feedback from teens in, recently out of, or currently considering braces.Survey available here: you

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