Thinking about ice cream…

It’s only 109 degrees outside today, and only in Arizona could you put all those words in one sentence. We survive with air-conditioning and ice cream, that king of comfort foods for people in general and braces-wearers in particular (disclaimer: with proper brushing afterwards, of course).

During all the years my three teens had braces, and my own year of orthontic treatment completed last year, we always headed from the orthodontist’s office to the ice cream shop after every “adjustment” appointment. (Remember? A cold drink, smoothie or ice cream slows down the motion of today’s high-tech heat-activated arch wires.)
One of our favorite places is Coldstone Creamery, where they add mix-ins just the way you like it — mmm, crushed Oreo cookies. Did you know they opened their first store in Tempe AZ in 1988? And now they have more than 1,400 locations nationwide – wow.


4 responses to “Thinking about ice cream…

  1. I'm an adult with braces. My back teeth do not meet: meaning that I can't chew. And of course, I can't use my front teeth without breaking the brackets. How does one survive 15 months without solid food?

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