Chef Amee Hoge consulting for Freschef Foods

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Freschef fresh food meals at Fry’s Signature grocery store in Scottsdale Arizona. The company’s motto is Real Food for Real Life, a concept that resonates with us at The Discovery Box Publishing. When we published The Braces Cookbook 2: Comfort Food with a Gourmet Touch this year, we focused on offering “real food for real people.” We feel that wearing orthodontic braces is no reason to keep you from enjoying “real” food.

Our author, Chef Amee Hoge, is now consulting with the Freschef corporation to help with recipe development. The company’s vision (and now, reality) is providing fresh ingredients for a home-made meal, all sliced/mixed/cut and packaged for quick preparation or freezing. I tasted (and bought) the Chicken Piccata combination – yum! It was so tender it definitely qualified as a braces-friendly meal. The company plans to go nationwide, so keep your eyes open for it.


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