Wear your Retainer!!

Recently someone on Live Journal asked about whether she should get a new retainer to replace her broken one. She’d worn it off and on since age 14, and is now 21. She also wondered what it might cost. I’ve seen this question come up every once in a while in a blog, and here’s my response: Wear it!!

It’s a no-brainer, really! Wear it every night and you won’t regret it! I had five years of braces as a teen, long enough ago that the theory was, wear the retainer a few years, get your wisdom teeth out, and then you’re fine. Wrong! My teeth shifted so much I ended with a *big* gap right between my lower front teeth. I didn’t notice it in the mirror when I smiled, but after I saw myself on videos I realized it really showed when I talked (I just don’t talk to my mirror much, I guess).

Anyhow, I had to get adult braces for a year to fix it, so now I’m going to wear the retainer at night forever – it is so *not* a big deal at all. Also, my daughter’s retainer broke and it was only $150 (no insurance involved) to get it replaced, just a couple of months ago, so it really would be worth it. Ask any orthodontist – they just do the mold and send it out. In a few days you have the new retainer and a lifetime of smiles.

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