Dental facts and myths – a good list that goes beyond braces

Between “old wives’ tales” and “conventional  wisdom” there can be quite a few bits of misinformation floating around. The topic of teeth and what can affect their health is no exception. Check out these bits from

Are Baby Teeth Important?
Wrong Answer: Since they are just going to fall out anyway, why bother?
Right Answer: Because tooth neglect at any age can lead to serious health problems, baby teeth should be treated with the same care as adult teeth. In addition, baby teeth that have been neglected can fall out sooner, resulting in crooked or malformed adult teeth.

When Should You be Concerned about Wisdom Teeth?
Wrong Answer: Leave wisdom teeth in until they bother you.
Right Answer: Once a wisdom tooth has become impacted, or misaligned, it can lead to serious problems such as infection or periodontitis. A good rule to remember is to get them removed earlier, as the procedure is easier and comes with less complications. If unsure about how to proceed, have your dentist take X-rays.

Check out even more dental food for thought at


4 responses to “Dental facts and myths – a good list that goes beyond braces

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  3. I agree on the part about wisdom teeth, mainly because of experience. Prior to discovering my impacted wisdom tooth, I regularly visited my dentist (Charlotte clinic) to prevent complications when the day comes.When I learned about the impacted wisdom tooth during one of my visits, I instantly had my operation done by a dentist (Rock Hill clinic) to take the pain out, since it had already affected my work by giving me sleepless nights. A week after the operation, the pain was gone and the wound has completely healed.No more sleepless nights for me!

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