Dental Mouthguards Protect Teeth and Braces

Tis the season for outdoor school and community sports, and that means athletes of all sorts should work hard to avoid damage to their teeth. Plastic mouthguards go a long way toward preventing injuries, and braces-wearers must be extra careful. Fortunately, these guards are readily available from dentists, orthodontists, and sporting goods stores, and can be shaped to the individual wearer.

Here’s an article on the topic from orthodontist John Fishell of McMurray, PA:

Not only does this protect your investment in braces, but it helps avoid major dental rework.


2 responses to “Dental Mouthguards Protect Teeth and Braces

  1. Mouth guards should be used by anyone — both children and adults — who play contact sports such as football, boxing, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and field hockey. However, even those participating in noncontact sports (for example, gymnastics) and any recreational activity (for example, skateboarding, mountain biking) that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth would benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard.

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