Braces in the News – Ugly Betty, Ortho Donations and Food Influences

Braces are all over the news these days. Here are several interesting items:

The buzz is on about when Ugly Betty will get her braces off. Check out this article from Entertainment Weekly about her “orthodontist” (Jess Tyler Feguson) returning to guest-star in the January 6 episode. Many people around the world (!) have complained that her long stint in (over-sized) adult braces does not reflect the reality of today’s orthodontic treatments.

Another news article describes the changes in people’s teeth and facial shape over the years due to changes in diet. Mainly, our mouths and arches have narrowed  and gotten crowded as we eat more and more refined sugars, flours and canned foods, i.e., modern processed foods. A Cleveland doctor back in the 1930s figured this out after traveling around the world to observe people who had different types of fundamental “diets” and how that affected their breathing and facial muscle development. Very interesting!

Lastly, I’m happy to see more good press for the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation. A Denver orthodontist, Dr. Kevin Theroux, was just featured on CBS TV about his work with offering orthodontic scholarships to deserving teens.

Happy Holidays! May your brackets shine brightly.


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