Invisalign an option for special-needs patients, say Phoenix-area orthodontists

I’ve written before about the wonderful accomplishements of orthodontists who work with autistic and other special-needs patients. Here’s a great article about the benefits of Invisalign treatment for such children by Dr.Randol Womack and Dr. Larry Davis at Affiliated Orthodontics in Peoria AZ (west of Phoenix). They’ve found success with this approach to braces because the plastic aligner sleeves are less irritating to the mouth than traditional brackets.

These orthodontists say, “With an autistic child, the leading problem is the irritation of fixed braces bonded on the teeth due to sensory problems. Often an autistic child will pick at them or play with the braces causing the orthodontic brackets to come loose and break. This creates many additional repair appointments, inconvenience for the parents, and frustration for the orthodontist who is witnessing minimal positive results. In orthodontics, cooperation and following instructions is pivotal to the success of any orthodontic result.”

Certain orthodontic situations do not respond to Invisalign, but for those that can, this is an interesting option to consider. Ask around in your own area for orthodontists who provide Invisalign services to examine the possibilities. Hurray for these extra-special professionals, regardless of the method used.


2 responses to “Invisalign an option for special-needs patients, say Phoenix-area orthodontists

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  2. Providing orthodontic treatment for special-needs patients can be a challenging task. Traditional braces tend to irritate them since it hinders normal eating. Invisalign (Chicago) is a good alternative since it is a comfortable dental appliance that can be removed whenever the patient needs to eat or brush. Indeed, it is a conveninet option for the parents and dentist alike.

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