The Braces Cookbook 2 in the Publishing World

There’s lots going on with The Braces Cookbook 2, Chef Amee Hoge, and me (Pam)!

Today at 4:30pm, catch Chef Amee on Valley Dish, the Phoenix TV show on Ch12 with host Tram Mai.
She’s making Fresh Shrimp Tacos with Strawberry Salsa and Toasted Corn Chips – Amee’s range of recipes is fantastic, from ethnic to garden-based to gluten-free. I haven’t tried these yet, but for braces-wearers I think you could just (temporarily) skip the toasted corn chips.

The Braces Cookbook 2 is up for three (three!) awards in the world of book publishing:

A Glyph Award from the Arizona Book Publishing Association

A Ben Franklin award from the Independent Book Publishers Association

An IPPY award from the Independent Publisher indie group

I’ve also contracted with Lucky Dog Creative in Phoenix to create a quirky ad campaign for our cookbooks – who knew publishing could be so fun?

Hope you have a great tender-teeth day!


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