Amazing Braces! blog: Braces for Dummies – great braces hardware photos

I just found another great blog about braces, by an orthodontic office manager who has “seen it all.”

Amazing Braces!: Braces for Dummies

This entry shows some terrific photos with almost every possible bit of hardware and rubber that can go in your child’s mouth (or yours). A picture is worth a thousand words, so you might want to bookmark this entry. What a super way to learn the names so you can better communicate with your child and orthodontic staff.

Check out this post and all the others at her Amazing Braces site (for example, there are easy diagrams explaining the basics of what it means to have a Class I, II, or III bite). I wish I’d had this for my three teens when they were in braces (or when I did myself two years ago)!


5 responses to “Amazing Braces! blog: Braces for Dummies – great braces hardware photos

  1. Thank you Pamela and a big Welcome to your readers that are checking out my blog! I appreciate your support:)

  2. Thanks, I checked out the link. We have a 13 year old just about to get the dreaded braces. We'll have to spend some time here!Amazing what great info is available online.

  3. Pretty amazing pictures on your given link above. Mind if I save some of those pictures and make it as presentation to my patients?Hope you say yes!Anyway, thanks for your blog. I love reading some of your articles.

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