Did Marie Antoinette Wear Braces?!

There’s a new book trilogy coming out about the life of Marie Antoinette, by Juliet Grey (Random House), starting with the title Becoming Marie Antoinette. I read a pre-publication book description that says her royal life was given a makeover including dancing lessons and braces before she was married off in 1770 to the future Louis XVI. Wow, can this be true? Has anyone heard about Marie and braces before? Maybe that’s why she wanted to eat cake – it was much softer than crusty French bread…..Or maybe the author just figures the classic rite of teenage orthodontics must have been popular even back then.


One response to “Did Marie Antoinette Wear Braces?!

  1. Hi, I just came across your blog. How wonderful that you already know about my book!It is an absolute fact that Marie Antoinette was fitted with braces. The dentist was a famous French dentist named Pierre Laveran who traveled to the Austrian court to fit the adolescent Marie Antoinette with braces. One form of 18th c. orthodontics was known as "Fauchard's Bandeaux," so in my novel that's what the dentist, Monsieur Laveran, uses to straighten Marie Antoinette's teeth.But the very fact that Marie Antoinette got her teeth straightened in order to make her a more attractive marriage prospect to the dauphin of France, is one of the aspects of her early years that utterly fascinated me.

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