Want more information about braces?

A really helpful website for braces wearers is www.BracesReview.com. Here you can find articles on types of braces, keeping braces clean, dental insurance, headgear, mouthguards and even a history of braces.

By the way, you may not know these terms:

Buccal – outer surface of teeth

Lingual – inner (tongue-side) of teeth

Occlusal – upper (top-side) of teeth; the surfaces that touch when you bite


One response to “Want more information about braces?

  1. Braces has been one f the most popular cure for unaligned teeth. (Knoxville) Pediatric dentistry practitioners and even those in adult orthopedic practice finds it as a good method since it is consistent and the changes are easy to track when such dental appliance is installed.I've read the link that you provided. Very useful information. Thanks!

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