Improved Orthodontics with Computer-Aided Braces. Brackets and Wires

So computers touch everything we do daily – why not orthodontics? Check out this article, Taking the Guesswork Out of Braces, that discusses the various 3D graphic computer programs that some orthodontists are using to refine and improve the way your braces can work. It’s truly a one-size-does-not-fit-all world.

You may want to ask your orthodontist about:

SureSmile – a computerized treatment planning process that customizes the shaping of the arch-wire

OrthodCAD IQ – a computerized system that fine-tunes bracket placement

3M Unitek’s Incognito – a entire computer-customized lingual (back-side of teeth) braces system

Insignia – another computerized orthodontic planning system that focuses on custom brackets, bracket placement and computerized arch-wire shaping

Here’s wishing you shorter and less-frequent appointments with great results!


3 responses to “Improved Orthodontics with Computer-Aided Braces. Brackets and Wires

  1. The article entitled "Taking the Guesswork Out of Braces" is really informative! It's also amazing that orthodontists use state-of-the art dental apparatus for their dental treatment procedures. Indeed, technological advancement is very beneficial to dental patients nowadays. Just like here in Tennessee, many Sevierville dentists provide convenience and comfort to their patients while doing every dental treatment. I am even amazed by a dentist Sevierville T. N. area practitioner who treated my nephew's crooked teeth last year very efficiently.

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