Braces Bracket Breakage – why now?

I talk to a lot of adults about healthy eating while wearing braces. Every once in a while, someone says proudly, “When I had braces as a teen, I ate anything I wanted!!” That’s gotten me thinking (apart from being jealous) about how that could have really worked, and why it is or isn’t a problem now. What I’ve realized is that for people who had braces in the 60s and 70s, they all had the kind of braces where a band encircled the entire tooth (the kind that are still used today on the back molars and on teeth that have a crown).

I would imagine that a band that is cemented all around the tooth is pretty well stuck in place – it would take a lot to pry it loose by eating something hard or sticky. However, with today’s tiny brackets (I’m trying to find out when they started to be commonly used – anyone know?) that are cemented just to the front of a tooth, it’s not hard to see that one bite into the wrong (hard, sticky, crunchy, chewy) food could just pop it off. So, we continue to advise parents and teens (as well as adults in braces) that in spite of what experiences they may have heard about in the past, it’s a very good idea to eat foods that treat their braces tenderly.


3 responses to “Braces Bracket Breakage – why now?

  1. I would guess that brackets were becoming popular in 1981. I had braces then and only had brackets. My husband had them just before me and he had all bands. You are absolutely right about the difference between then and now. Bands would not break easily but as you know, the technology now is so much better. Just have to remember to stay away from the hard, sticky stuff.

  2. How lucky are those who have braces back then! One of my daughters has braces and she is not allowed to eat foods that are hard and sticky. She's obviously very jealous of her brothers because they can eat their favorite toffees and snickers. Though, it's only a few months left before her braces are taken off by her skilled dentist. Laurel, MD still have the tastiest toffees around, making it extremely difficult for my daughter, as she surely love those toffees!Anyway, it's good that her dentist is looking after her teeth and the whole family's oral health as well. Our community is definitely blessed to have very experienced and talented dentists. Laurel, MD is truly a magnificent place to live especially with the presence of these accomplished professionals.

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