Orthodontic braces can come to you via Barnett Orthodontics in Utah

What a great concept! Barnett Orthodontics, based in Richfield Utah, knows that patients in rural areas can find it hard to get to orthodontic appointments. So, Dr. Richard Barnett and his staff bring the office to the patients! Check out the mobile “Brace Caboose” that serves a six-county area. According to office manager Michele, they’ve been taking their custom-made, 35-foot Caboose on the road for eight years, seeing 50 to 70 patients a day as far as 90 miles away.

The vehicle, pulled by a truck, has a slide-out side section to maximize space, and includes three operative chairs, a rest-room and a waiting room. Rural patients tend to be school-age, so the practice has agreements with middle schools in all the towns, allowing them to park nearby. Students are generally in and out in fifteen minutes.

Four staff ride along, and Dr. Barnett drives the truck! For extra fun, the entire office, mobile and permanent, is railroad-themed. Michele says townspeople often stop in just to see the model trains running throughout their facility.What a great way to make orthodontic treatment convenient and fun.

One response to “Orthodontic braces can come to you via Barnett Orthodontics in Utah

  1. That has got to be the best way to reach out to patients! At the same time, he's advertising his clinic as he's going to the rural areas. People will think, "Oh, it's a mobile clinic! I wonder where their clinic in Utah really is. I guess I'll go visit that dentist." St. Petersburg has a lot of dentists, too. They advertise through print ads and websites. I wish one of them could do this mobile clinic thing.

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