Smiling with author Rhys Bowen via Poisoned Pen Bookstore

I try to make sure all my posts are on-topic – everyone’s time is valuable, so here’s my only-slightly-stretched tie-in to something I just had to share: I’m so glad my smile was improved by braces before I met mystery author Rhys Bowen this afternoon in Scottsdale Arizona, courtesy of The Poisoned Pen Bookstore!!!

She is the author of my new favorite mystery series, Her Royal Spyness, as well as of two other mystery series: Constable Evans (set in Wales) and Molly Murphy (set in turn-of-the-century NYC). In addition, she has written more than one hundred books for children and teens and won just about every possible mystery award, including the grand Agatha Award. She was gracious, funny and an absolute delight to meet. This was so fun!

So, here’s another great reason to get braces – you’ll be ready to smile when exciting things happen on short notice!


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