Chef Amee’s Cupcake Challenge; good flossing video

Chef Amee Hoge hosted the First Annual Cupcake Challenge this past Saturday in Gilbert, AZ at the Gilbert Community Center. Nine teams of four children each (ages 7 to 15, who’d never met each other before) had 90 minutes to bake and decorate a dozen cupcakes. Flavors, textures and colors all differed, and teamwork and creativity counted. I was one of nine judges – what a hard job!!! Everyone put great effort into the event and (no kidding) everything tasted great, from the oatmeal/cinnamon cupcakes to the surprise peppermint versions. Here are the winning entries and the chefs:

I didn’t see anyone with braces, but these cupcakes (with lots of brushing and flossing afterwards) would have been tender treats for silver smiles. We all also received coupons for free cupcakes at an awesome new bakery, TopIt Cupcakes, in Gilbert – I’m on my way there soon!

Speaking of  flossing, here’s a link to a short video at the website of Crawford Orthodontics that shows good flossing technique – sometimes it’s just easier to see it done than talk about it. I’ll soon be reviewing some new floss products, so check back for that; someone is always inventing a better way to do things.


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