WaterPix use, SimpliClear aligners and Ortho Product reviews – coming!

A lot of people wonder about using a WaterPix home-dental cleaning device when they have braces. They feel that though it is a great product for getting large bits of food out from around your wires and brackets, it still doesn’t replace the job of flossing directly between the teeth. Worth thinking about.

If you’re interested in using having non-obvious braces, the field of choices is widening beyond clear aligners. Biomers, the makers of SimpliClear, have developed a clear arch-wire of a non-metallic, polymer composite material based on nano-technology (wow). When paired with clear brackets, the braces sure seem hard to see – check out the photos at the SimpliClear homepage.

In our always lively marketing efforts for The Braces Cookbooks and everything that relates to life in braces, we’re going to be unveiling a entirely new brand concept in the next few months. Stay tuned for a product review program, a survey, a contest and a whole new look – along the way we’ll be asking for your input with just a few questions, as anything longer is just not going to work for any of us!


One response to “WaterPix use, SimpliClear aligners and Ortho Product reviews – coming!

  1. Seems like a great product to help clean the inner recesses of the teeth. I hope it really works since cleaning with orthodontics can really be quite a chore!

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