Plackers Flossing Tools – for Braces and for post-Braces

Who knew I could get excited about another flossing gadget? I am *really* happy with Plackers Twin-Line Advanced Cleaning dental flossers! I’ve recently had the chance to evaluate this version of their large product line (disclaimer – they sent me two packages for free; it looks as though they cost $3 for a package of 75 in stores).

Yes, my braces came off three years ago, so right now I’m working with just these Twin-Line types; I’m going to find a friend with braces to check out their new Orthopick Flossers that have a shape that lets you actually slip the floss behind your archwire (see image below, and check out the March 24 blog entry at DentaKit for a great review).

But already these are so easy to use and effective! Here are four things I like:

1) The floss lasted throughout my whole session (I usually have floss break once or twice due to my tightly-spaced teeth and six (sigh) crowns.)

2) The twin-lines definitely seemed to do a very thorough job. You know those razors with two blades? It made me think how effective those are – maybe this works on the same principal.

3) It may sound a little funny, but I loved how the handle kept my hands dry. I have super-dry skin that gets nasty cracks/fissures all the time (in Phoenix a few weeks ago they measured a record low of 2% humidity – can we say Dry?). With the handle I don’t have to wash my hands constantly throughout the process (which also makes regular dental floss even more slippery than it usually is).

4) The handle has a built-in flexible “pick” that leaves one with no excuse not to do a little in-between-the-teeth gum stimulation, the way the dentist always says you should.

My only concern? I’m big on protecting the environment and sustainable design. As an engineer, I can’t help but wonder whether the Plackers company could investigate making the handles from recycled and recyclable materials, such as from bamboo or corn. I really try to use fewer products every day that are purely plastic/throw-away. Ideas?


3 responses to “Plackers Flossing Tools – for Braces and for post-Braces

  1. This sounds like a great product. I have braces and I'm definitely trying this out. Thanks for the review.

  2. I tried the ortho ones and was not a big fan. I reviewed it on my blog…feel free to check it out. I was not really a fan but I have a lot of crowding as I have only had my braces for a couple weeks.

  3. Hi Deanna_Hanna,When I had my braces three years ago, I had lots of tight spaces too, plus one huge gap, so I found the Oral-B Super Floss was the best. It will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks.

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