New oral health group takes big-picture view: AAOSH

A professional organization has formed around the excellent, basically long-overdue concept that the health of your mouth is very closely tied to your whole-body health – the new American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). This group has a public information page that you might want to bookmark. The topic is so important to the general public that the group’s president, Dr. Chris Kammer, has declared 2011 to be “the year of the Mouth.”

Studies have shown that gum disease and heart disease are closely related (article by the American Academy of Periodontology) – to the extent that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to develop coronary heart disease. Other conditions, as many of you may know, can also contribute to whole-body problems – just think sleep apnea or TMJ pain. This group, and their website, will be a great link to understanding and sharing knowledge that affects all of us, particularly braces-wearers who are extra-challenged to maintain good oral health.

Makes me want to go brush and floss my teeth right now. Excuse me…


4 responses to “New oral health group takes big-picture view: AAOSH

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  2. The visuals on the article you've shared answered my questions. I was supposed to ask how a gum disease was related to a heart disease? But the article has already covered most of the answers I needed.

  3. It is a good blog. I was curious about the connection between gum and heart diseases. You gave a proper explanation. By the way, can you tell me about the relation between gum diseases and all on 4 services? I have heard that patients having heart problems are specially observed before giving all on 4 treatments.

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