Bracedlets – a whole new concept in orthodontic jewelry

Okay, so who’d have thought you could combine orthodontics and jewelry in the same sentence let alone as a business? Two smart sisters did with BracedletsDr. Jennifer Salzer (a Ford model *while* she was working on her certificate in orthodontics) and Lisa Salzer, founder and designer of NYC’s fashionable vintage Lulu Frost jewelry. Their ingenious design uses those stretchy power chains in a gazillion colors, coupled with brackets that are crafted to look like “real” braces.

I just received a pink one with blue elastics around the brackets (thanks Alex!) and had the chance to ask Dr. Salzer some questions about this fun complement to the metal mouth look:

Q – What gave you the idea to make these?
A – I always thought it was so cute how the patients love to pick their colors- the colors are so bright and fun- we thought they would make great jewelry.

Q – When did you start?  
A – We made a few prototypes 2 years ago and my husband started wearing them, and never took them off.  He loved them.  When we finally got them made, they flew out the door; everyone – friends, children, patients –  wanted some.
Q – Do you just stretch it to slip it on?  
A – You can stretch it, or as my sister does, she “swirls” it on.
Q – Do they come in different sizes?  
A – Not yet – but they stretch and stay bigger for bigger wrists, ie my father.  I am able to alter them to fit smaller kids.
Q – Did your sister the jeweler have any particular challenges in making these?  
A – She was the one who thought to put them ON the power chain.  Prior to her input, we had been soldering the brackets onto a wire bracelet with the chain over that.
Q – How long have you been an orthodontist?  
A – Over 12 years.
Q – Is there anything you’d like us to know about the Bracedlets?  
A – They are fun and cool looking, and as long as kids have braces, I hope they will be around!

My bracelet is nice and stretchy for putting it on. I can see where it would be fun to have multiples in different colors to wear all together. So, check it out – yeah, it’s $4.99 but it sure catches your attention – and why not get some fun out of braces?


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