Recommending a cookbook for TMJ issues

One of our fans just brought up the topic of TMJ syndrome issues – that’s temporo mandibular jaw if you’ve not heard the term before. I learned about it the hard way, as I developed it during my braces treatment as a teen (a long time ago ;-)). I hope that nowadays, all orthodontists understand it and what might cause or worsen the condition.

Basically, it’s pain that starts in the jaw and can radiate throughout your head. Some people get it from clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth while they sleep; for others, it’s a result of a head or neck trauma. Still others never know how/why it occurs, but it makes simple chewing, talking and laughing painful, your jaw can “lock,” and a trip to the dentist for a cleaning can reduce one to tears (been there, done that).

In another post I’ll talk some more about ideas to help you live with/improve the whole TMJ problem, but here I just want to recommend a cookbook/resource book dedicated to the topic:

You Can Conquer TMJ: Ideas and Recipes, by Becky Coffield

You can get it at Amazon for $17.95 plus s/h. I think the book itself deserves a more polished presentation someday to reflect the value of the information, but it’s really the content that matters.

Let me know if anyone has comments or feedback on this topic.


4 responses to “Recommending a cookbook for TMJ issues

  1. That TMJ syndrome is really quite a hassle, Pam! It just makes otherwise simple or enjoyable things rather painful, like eating or even laughing. Quite nice to hear that there are books that specifically talk about this. And of course, a trip to the dentist must be in order at the onset.

  2. Hi Tim – I remember once just yawning and having my jaw lock in the open position. Talk about painful! Yes, this condition deserves all the help it can get.

  3. Hello Pamela! I found this blog to be very informative and is written in a very readers' – friendly way. TMJ problem is a very common one and the pain, generated from this problem, sometime becomes unbearable. People, suffering from this problem, should consult the dentist without being late.

  4. Lovely Blog Pam! I recently have encountered with some people who find it difficult to understand what is TMJ problem. I am going to suggest them to go through your blog once. This is really nice.

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