Celebrities in Braces – Slide Show

I found a fun slide show of celebrities in braces but am having trouble identifying a few of them (clearly, I am not an active follower of the popular scene). Unless I’m really missing seeing the labels, here’s what I have so far – can anyone help me fill in the blanks? Or correct any errors? Thanks!

1) Gwen Stefani
2) Danny Glover
4) “Ugly Betty” (America Ferrera)
5) Fantasia from American Idol
6) Tom Cruise
7) ?
8) Princess ? (Fergie’s daughter)
9) Prince Harry
10) Drew Barrymore
11) Dakota Fanning
12) Bethany Hamilton
13) Venus Williams?
14) Nicolas Cage
15) Madonna’s daughter Lourdes


4 responses to “Celebrities in Braces – Slide Show

  1. Number 2 is Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon. Sorry, that's the only one I can add to your list. Anyway, you've found one nice slideshow. Do you think these can be used as motivation for patients who want to have straight teeth again?

  2. Hi Jenna – I think that's a great idea. I'll put it in my next newsletter. For anyone who doesn't receive that, you can sign up on my home page at http://www.BracesCookbook.com. And thanks for the Danny Glover ID!

  3. I think 5 is Fantasia from American Idol

  4. I also think #15 Madonna's daughter's name is Lourdes.

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