Seeking volunteers for our new Braces-Friendly Advisory Group

So much is happening at the home of the Braces Cookbooks! We are transitioning to an extended brand-line of comfort, care and cooking ideas called Metal Mouth Mediataking the bite out of braces; hope you like it.

As part of this program, we have established a whole new concept: the Braces-Friendly Seal of Approval – ta-da!

If you’ve ever seen the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, you know what we have in mind. We will award this “stamp of approval” to products, websites, books, etc. that basically make life in braces easier. We are drawing up a list of criteria so that there’s real meaning behind the award, but we also need to make sure to get a variety of viewpoints for making final decisions.

This is where you (or a family member or friend or even your orthodontist) can come in! We’d like to find four people (I, Pam, will be the fifth, as a tie-breaker) who will agree to test and review products for this seal. I have started by asking one woman who is in the 36-50 age bracket, and she agreed. Now, I need (ideally):

1 male, age 20-35
1 female, age 13-19
1 male, age 8-12

to give me a good spread of experiences and therefore opinions. This is a volunteer (anonymous to the public) position but you will be allowed to keep whatever product I send you for review. You’ll have a short form: Yes or No, plus optional comments. I’ll probably ask for a general commitment of doing this for a year, but if you get too busy, or you don’t enjoy the process, just let me know and we’ll find someone else.

If this interests you or someone you know, drop me an email at We’re out to make the world braces-friendly!


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