Drive-In Braces? A Unique Ortho Decor

Who doesn’t love a creative mind that can combine work and fun? Dr. David Myers (Conway, Arkansas) is an orthodontist and car enthusiast, and his office design proves both those passions can come together daily. Here’s a photo of the front desk area patients see.

Other parts of the office are built to look like an old-fashioned gas station and a drive-in diner. Two couches in the waiting area even feature sections from a 1956 Oldsmobile and a 1959 pink Cadillac. So, he doesn’t quite offer drive-through services; that’s okay – you’ll want to hang around to check it all out.

One response to “Drive-In Braces? A Unique Ortho Decor

  1. That's a pretty good concept for a dental clinic. Others would have done something that would make kids happy. I never thought of seeing one that has a theme based on gas stations. This actually looks cool.Bianca Jackson

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