Good candy, bad candy, brackets and delays

Braces-wearers – whichever type of bracket, wire or aligner they wear – are bound to be counting the months and days until they’re done with the hardware (except retainers – wear them!) So, why do anything that will add more calendar days to the process?

In an article by Kelli B. Grant for, after talking about the concerns of pet animals getting into candy, the author quotes some pretty straightforward facts about Halloween+candy+braces:

“Of course, candy triggers its share of people emergencies, too. Dr. John Graham of Graham Orthodontics in Phoenix, Ariz., says he, like many orthodontists, sees a spike in emergency visits for fixing the brackets and wires on braces after Halloween. The office doesn’t charge for the fix unless the sufferer is a repeat offender who ignores the off-limits food list, which includes caramels, taffy and hard candies. In that case, the bill runs $25 per bracket. But the bigger cost is time: one break could add two to four months to your time in braces, especially if you don’t notice immediately, says Dr. Stuart Frost of Frost Orthodontics in Mesa, Ariz.

Two to four additional months in braces. Now isn’t that a scary thought?



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