Post-Halloween Tips from a Damon Orthodontist

Clear brackets for braces in the Damon System

We asked for advice from an expert Damon System (those tie-less brackets) orthodontist, Dr. Graham, about dealing with candy, cleaning and crises, post-Halloween. Here are some tips in our Q&A session:

1)      What advice do you give parents and children at Halloween time to help avoid damage to brackets and wires?

Now that all that candy is in the house, Dr. Graham stresses to parents and children not to indulge in Halloween treats all throughout the day. “Limiting sugar intake to one time per day—rather than consuming small pieces throughout the day—can reduce the teeth’s exposure to detrimental sugars,” he points out. “And of course, take time to properly clean teeth and brackets to remove excess sugars and trapped particles from the mouth.”

2)      How do the elements of the Damon System help with this problem?

“The Damon System is a combination of “tieless” brackets and high-technology archwires that eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties that typically attract and collect more plaque and food particles,” says Dr. Graham. “The advanced orthodontic technology allows for easy cleaning and reduced build-up.”

3)      What should a patient do if a bracket breaks away from a tooth after office hours? Are there handy “tools” around the house that a patient could use for a temporary improvement?

Dr. Graham suggests you contact your orthodontic care office. He notes, “It is critical that you have a professional care for damage to prevent prolonged treatment and properly address any resulting tooth movement. However, if the damaged bracket or wire is causing injury to the surrounding lip or gum you can apply orthodontic wax to reduce irritation before your appointment.”


3 responses to “Post-Halloween Tips from a Damon Orthodontist

  1. The Damon Orthodontics system is truly an innovative step towards getting a wonderful smile without the discomfort of traditional braces!

  2. Have you worn them or are you an orthodontist? I’d like to learn more details about the process.

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