Dent-Chew Brush – Awesome concept for super-simple teeth cleaning

What an eye-opener to read about the Dent-Chew Brush! This product tackles a problem that few of us consider: how can people with limited hand/arm-use effectively brush their teeth? Developed by former Vietnam-era medic John Gallagher, this single-use oral hygiene device could mean the world for someone unable to brush their own teeth. Hundreds of tiny “bristles” work along with a pre-filled cleaning fluid as the person literally chews on the unit and swallows. (Check this video for an intro.) But there’s more.

The potential market also includes:

  • Military – included in the MREs
  • Truck drivers
  • Campers
  • Airlines- a perk included with the meal
  • School Lunch Programs – included with the meals
  • Disaster Relief

In addition, the disolveable design of the Dent-Chew Brush allows it to be a simple means of delivering embedded medications and nutritional supplements to nations in need.

The video portion of the Dent-Chew website (in four segments) relates how Gallagher came up with the concept when he saw the need in a VA hospital. It goes on to show the product details, a unit being used as a personal one-time toothbrush, and information for potential investors. The Dent-Chew Brush needs broader exposure and the company is looking for investors.

I think this is really worth checking out. How about you?

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