Help needed – allergic to retainer – solutions?

Hi everyone –

I just read about the following problem on a forum where I help with Q/As:


My daughter had her braces removed in March and started wearing acrylic and metal retainers.  She has been experiencing very swollen lips and severe chapping and peeling.  We have seen numerous doctors, allergists and dermatologists and nobody can figure out what is causing this.  We recently had a patch test done on her and she is allergic to nickel, cobalt chloride, propolis and fragrance.  Having said that, she has never had any other type of reaction to any of these products in her 15 years of life and still isn’t.  I really wonder if she is allergic to her retainers because her reaction is limited to her lips only.  Please help.  We are out of options and she cannot live on steriod lip meds forever.

Any ideas to help solve this problem? I can post them. Thanks!


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