Didn’t Wear My Retainer – What Now?

Examples of Hawley Retainers

Didn’t Wear My Retainer – What Now? Does that phrase sound familiar? How many adults (or older teens) who once had braces find themselves sliding in their wearing of a night-time retainer, only to find one day, their teeth don’t look as beautiful as on de-band day? The answer (more or less) is, so many that there’s an online forum where the “sliders” go for answers, advice and hope. This conversation thread started in March 2008 and now includes 183 postings!

Most people hope that by starting to wear the retainer (if they can find it) again, either 24/7 or at night, in spite of the pain, their teeth will move back to their de-band-day positions. Several orthodontists have weighed in saying that the chances for some improvement are good, and that probably no damage will be done. I think it’s worth a visit to a professional to be sure.

In the meantime, my mantra is “Wear your retainer – it’s a no-brainer” at night, for life. Why not?


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