Adults in Braces – Holiday Eating Tips

Adult in Braces - Holiday Eating Tips

Got Adult Braces? Keep your silver smile sparkling with these tips from Metal Mouth Media:

* Eat cooked vegetables instead of raw ones and go for the cauliflower: it’s softer than broccoli and won’t show up as much on braces if a tidbit goes astray.

* Try potato chips and pita bread as less crunchy alternatives to tortilla chips and hard crackers. Better yet, if you’re in charge, serve miniature bread slices from the deli instead, and offer canapé knives for spreading dips, pâtés, hummus and finely diced chicken salad.

* In general, think “white” when you choose a food – it’s okay for once to skip the healthier greens.

For more ideas, read “got Adult Braces? Metal Mouth media Offers 7 Tender-Teeth Tips to Avoid Holiday Eating Disasters.”

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