How The Braces Cookbooks got Started

People often ask, how did we come up with the idea for The Braces Cookbooks? It all started with an apple, the sticky-gooey-caramel sort that kids love. In the Fall of 2004, my daughter Brenda wanted a caramel apple in the worst way. She was three years into what ended up as six years of orthodontic treatment (crowded mouth, open bite, etc. etc.) and was getting tired of that “Avoid Eating These” list on the classic magnet for orthodontic patients. I, being the kind and caring mom  that I am, said No Way.

Brenda, not one to take a No lightly, went off and soon returned with a plate full of beautifully peeled, cored, sliced apples along with a little cup of caramel topping for ice cream. She dipped the slices, munched them easily and said, “These are just like caramel apples but they won’t hurt my braces.”

I said, “What a great idea” and she replied, “There should be a whole cookbook of ideas like this.” We searched the web and bookstores, found nothing except some out-of-print booklets from the 80s, and set to work developing our 50 favorite braces-friendly recipes. We tested them on kids, teens and adults, got the thumbs-up from our own orthodontist, Dr. Thomas Tipton (Tempe AZ) and voila – The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love (BC1).

Now, six years and another book (The Braces Cookbook 2: Comfort Food with a Gourmet Touch (BC2), aimed at adults and co-authored with Chef Amee Hoge) later, we’re still looking to improve the lives of braces-wearers. Work is underway to publish a revised and fully illustrated edition of the BC1 (the photography is complete, writing is in process and cover design is underway!) We’re also about to announce a new Braces-Friendly effort that we think will also help improve day-to-day life in braces of all types.

Stay tuned! And if you have any suggestions for adding content to the revised BC1, let us know.

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