More 3D Printing in the Dental/Ortho Worlds

Dental molds and models made with 3D Systems additive manufacturing technology in e-stone material on  ProJet 6000 system

The cool technologies of 3D printing and 3D scanning show up more and more in the dental and orthodontic worlds, enabling the creation of better fitting crowns and allowing oral digital scans that replace messy impression-trays. Here’s a short write-up on the topic in Desktop Engineering, which describes work done by Albensi Labs with its Objet 3D printer.

For more depth on this subjec, check out the article I wrote for the April 2012 issue of Orthotown magazine called “3D Printing: How a Star Trek Fantasy has become Reality for the Dental and Orthodontic Professions.”  I know that’s a members-only site – I’ll also get the article on my own website soon – been very busy with launching the Braces-Friendly Seal of Approval!


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