Cool and clever, Girl-Scouts-invented prosthetic hand

Girl Scouts from Ames IA invented this pen-holding prosthetic for a 3-year-old born without fingers. The device won them funding for a patent and a trip to speak at the 2012 International Conference on Science.

Six Girl Scouts from Ames Iowa tackled a FIRST LEGO League biomedical design challenge – and won in a big way, for themselves and for a little girl in Georgia born without fingers on the right hand. Check out Girl Scouts to Present Prosthetic Design in Rio. The group of 8th- and 9th graders (calling themselves The Flying Monkeys) worked to find a way to help the child hold and use a pencil or crayon. Their design won them the FLL Global Innovation Award, a $20,000 grant from the X-Prize Foundation to patent the device, and a trip to Rio de Janeiro next week to present at the International Conference on Science. The trip is being sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, FIRST LEGO, and Rockwell Collins.

Having been a Girl Scout leader for seven years, I just have to give these girls a huge pat on the back!!!!


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