Top Ten Tips to Keep Braces Clean


Taking care of your teeth when you have braces (traditional bracket-type) is definitely a challenge, though even aligner patients must still practice good oral habits, too. Here’s a great 10-tips-list from Snow Orthodontics that reminds us it’s not so bad – just keep it up and you’ll love the results when the braces come off.


5 responses to “Top Ten Tips to Keep Braces Clean

  1. This may seem like a stupid question, but if I have behind the teeth braces, will it be as hard to clean my teeth as if I had normal braces?

  2. That’s a great question, really, and I’m going to ask my colleagues about it. Behind-the-teeth braces have brackets and an arch-wire pretty much like the front ones so cleaning them generally involves the same brushing and floss-threading as for the frontal types. But, since you can’ see them, it may be a bit more difficult to identify a problem area. Thanks for asking, and stay tuned.

  3. Ok so I met with my orthodontist today (well, one of them) and he said that it’s easier to clean.. I think he’s just trying to sell me on more expensive braces. 😦

    Need more second (third, fourth) opinions!

  4. I got a response from a professional member of the Women in Orthodontics association who supports customer training on the Incognito (lingual) Appliance System. Here’s what she said:

    “The Oral hygiene kit (tooth brush, floss threaders, waterpik etc.) given to labial patients also works with lingual patients. The care instructions are exactly the same.”

    “You are correct Pamela about it being more of a challenge to keep clean due to visual limitations. However, the patient’s orthodontist may have been suggesting they are easier to care for than labial because of the aesthetics. With brackets on the labial you may feel urgency to get to the restroom right away to clean food from under the wire when eating in public. With lingual, food still gets caught under the wire but most patients do not feel that urgency to get a tooth brush out because their lunch partner can not see it.”

    “There are a few suggestions we make to patients to help them with their treatment: We strongly recommend a 3-month recall to ensure teeth stay healthy. We also instruct the orthodontic team to remove the wire at each visit and brush around the bracket and in the slots using pumice paste and a dry tooth brush. This not only helps with hygiene but assists the orthodontist with treatment mechanics (fully seating the wire into the vertical slots).”

    “One additional benefit that lingual has over labial is No white spots after the braces come off.”

    — Hope this helps a little. Let us know what you decide and why!

  5. Thanks for these tips. Following these tips sometimes become hard when I am at work or any other place. Most of the time I avoid eating those food which is hard to clean.

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