Cavity Capitals – Best/Worst US Cities for Dental Health

Here’s an enlightening article about 100 major US cities and how they rank for healthy (or not!) teeth (Research by Julie Stewart, MSN Men’s Health). MSN Health looked at such factors as community water fluoridation, percentages of people who visit a dentist/had teeth extracted/use floss, money spent on oral hygiene products, and number of dentists per capita.

The WORST five:

1 – St. Louis MO – F

2 – Philadelphia PA – F

3 – Newark NJ – F

4 – Baltimore MD – F

5 – New Orleans LA – F

The five BEST:

96 – Sioux Falls SD – A

97 – Lincoln NE – A

98 – Boise ID – A

99 – Fargo ND – A+

100 – San Jose CA – A+

I know the recently formed American Academy for Oral Systemic Health would like to see these numbers/grades improve, for the sake of overall health, too.


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